Friday, July 18, 2008

Doing something else besides feeding and cleaning

Rocker is done, originally uploaded by apkoski.

If you think that I pretty much quit sewing things, then you're wrong. Sticking with the new apparent theme of this blog, I've been finishing up a few things that I intended to have done for Adelaide's birth day, like my nursing apron and a diaper/wipes envelope. But the most royal pain was doing the upholstery on that rocking chair. A friend, who incidentally donated nearly her entire nursery to us, gave us the chair too, which carried the wear of 2 children. I found some BH&G outdoor (so stain- and water-resistant) material at JoAnn and proceeded. Let me just say, folks, you have little business re-doing upholstery if you own a cheap Singer that you picked up from Wal-mart. It was a wrestling match.

Totally worth it though! We've already logged many hours in that thing.
Oh - Before pic is below:

- A

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