Monday, November 19, 2007

Getting Ready

New Scoops!, originally uploaded by apkoski.

Beginning this Thursday, the official holiday season will be officially upon us. Well, that's what Mr. P. says. I, on the other hand, have already begun making my lists, cutting fabric for gifts, considered our wrapping paper scheme, and shopped for gifts (once)!
Oh wait, Thanksgiving, the forgotten step-child of the holiday season retail machine! We have finalized the menu, gotten all the ingredients, and fished out the 'real' napkins. We also got some handy-dandy new flatware (!!!!!!). We're very excited to have silverware that we didn't lift from Kirksville restaurants, and doesn't bend when we try to eat ice cream out of the carton. Ahh, simple pleasures.


101 S. Marion Avenue said...

Nice looking scoops!

devinemom said...

i love that you two finally got your new flatware. its been a long time coming.