Thursday, September 13, 2007

In the Works

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I'm so proud of Paul & I. We are finally painting the house! Its green, Ryegrass to be specific, with Nacre trim and maybe an orange door. Paul predicts we'll be done on Saturday, and for once, my prediction is more pessimistic, er, realistic: Sunday.

Also in process is a career decision for me. I've just ordered business cards and am working up a web page for my evolving Personal Training work. So far it's turned out to be a suspenseful experience, getting my name out there. I have an inkling to instead just apply at some local gyms, or as a friend sparked, a local fitness boutique. Oo-la-la. No, I'm better than that.

The biggest challenge currently - besides locating clients - is thinking up a business name. Brainstorming has led to some really goofy titles and some good ones that are "Taken!" I have a good tag line, something I heard my fmr. boss encouraging many: "Discover the athlete within." Another one of his favorites was "today is the first day of the rest of your life." When I become a famous Fit TV trainer with boob implants and a fake tan, I will be sure to thank you Scott. Hey, anybody have any Biz name ideas? (It never hurts to ask - collaborative brainstorming.)

I'm also exploring the possibilities of opening an Etsy store. I know, it seems that not much is rolling off the press lately, but I'm slowly pulling out of writer mode and back into sewing.

Actually, I've been toying with paper scraps, and have made several buntings like these in a few new forms, with the hopes of getting something started. Great, now I have to think of a shop name!

On another note, this page is really fun. Now I can leave the house with a plan!


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