Thursday, December 08, 2005


Alrightey, then. That was stimulating.

I just finished my first term at PSU Wednesday, and boy am I'm tired! I don't even remember how to Blog anymore. The kitties are sleeping in our box of Christmas decorations (that I am finally able to tackle), since they like the crackley packing paper & are hoping to find a piece of faux garland to choke down.

I guess I should give a rundown of our latest happenings. Paul has been the the go-to man for the last couple of months. He's been doing more of his share of housework, cooking, chores & errands, and has tolerated my 3 weekly evening classes well! Lately he's been busy getting us totally wired for satellite radio (Sirius). He found a new device that is adaptable for car, home, and walkin' around. The portable part kind of has a catch - you have to record stuff at home or in your car in orde to have something for walkin' around listening. He worked hard to get all the little gadget's components, and to get it all properly set up. I'm listening to Christmas Country hits right now - it's awesome!
Also, a few weeks ago Paul brewed an awesome (crossing my fingers) keg of Chocolate Porter - hoppy holidays - that has a little 'kick.' You'll have to ask him about the exact % ABV.

My life for the last 8 weeks could be better-covered by listing what I haven't been doing! Anyhow, mostly I've been eating, sleeping, exercising, and
practicing the 2 R's. But since school's been out since Wed., yesterday I did a little bit of fun stuff! I made a nice evergreen wreath out of some branches I picked up after Boot Camp at Laurelhurst Park. I pulled out a couple Christmas gift sewing projects - can't say what, just in case you're reading this. I'm gonna work on them today. In a few minutes, I'm making pizza dough for tommorrow night's calzones. This weekend I'm making & canning some more cranberry-ginger compote, and going Christmas shopping!
Oh yeah, as for us, I'll be updating our 'Wishlist' under our Blog's "View My Complete Profile," and maybe our Amazon Wish List (Marci, you've inspired me) before I get to the pizza dough.

It's good to be back.

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Marci said...

Ha ha! Don't you love how I have like ten wish-lists on Amazon??? I'm so organized, I make myself sick! And Paul, where are those pictures of the gingerbread cubicle, huh? The office here is being decorated and I want to show them how it SHOULD BE done!!! :)